connection of the body, mind and heart to the creative process. Students will learn the 1st chapter of the taiji form as well as other fundamental exercises from the legacy given to us by Master Koo. Meditation (sitting, standing and moving) will also be key to opening the flow of ideas and inspiration. Additional exercises that focus on the bridge from stillness/silence or movement/sound to the practical creation of art will be studied. Particular emphasis will be given on the areas of interest of each student. These exercises are drawn from Freddie Bryant's work with jazz musicians in movement, meditation and music and his personal journey of discovery since he began the study of taijiquan in 1986.

This class is open to ALL artists, professional, amateur as well as anyone who is interested in exploring their own path to creativity: musicians, dancers, actors, writers, visual artists, improvisers, i.e. anyone! No previous experience with taiji is required. This class is also open to current Nanlaoshu current students at no additional charge.

Class will be 90 minutes with an optional 45 minutes of practice working on your art-form, individually or collectively at the Center. Students are encouraged to bring their work with them for this extra 45 minutes. Freddie will be playing his guitar and working on musical studies and songs. Feel free to bring your instrument/voice or pencils/charcoal/paper or dance shoes or typewriters/computers! Due to the personal nature of this endeavor much of this extra time (space permitting) will be individual work where students can take advantage of the qi/energy, focus and openness fostered by the preceding class and apply them to their own creative pursuits. However, artistic collaborations may occur if opportunity allows.

Prospective students should contact Freddie at

six-week workshop that focuses on the

FREDDIE BRYANT received a Master’s degree in classical guitar from the Yale School of Music and is in demand in the New York jazz and Brazilian scenes, where he has worked with Elaine Elias, Tom Harrell and many others. He currently is a member of Ben Riley’s Monk Legacy Septet, the Mingus Orchestra and leads his own groups, Trio del Sol and Kaleidoscope. Bryant has seven CDs as a leader: Dreamscape: Solo, Duo, Trio featuring Chris Potter and Scott Colley (GJKSounds), Live Grooves…Epic Tales with his band Kaleidoscope (HiPNOTIC records) Trio del Sol (Twinz Records); Brazilian Rosewood, Boogaloo Brasileiro, Live at Smoke (Fresh Sound Records); and Take Your Dance into Battle (Jazz City Spirit). He has toured 50 countries and collaborated with musicians from a variety of backgrounds, including Indian classical musicians, African singers, oud players, traditional Arab groups and klezmer bands. In 2006, Bryant spent a week in Cuba, performing and working with other musicians. As an impassioned educator, he has taught jazz to all ages around the world. Bryant is on the faculties of Berklee College of Music and Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen, Holland. His website is