The Society for Nanlaoshu is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving this ancient Chinese longevity practice. Through meditation and physical movement we pursue health and well-being. This dual cultivation allows us to return to a natural state of balance and harmony.

Fall class schedule

beginner classes
start in November

New Taiji 1 Class


Wednesday, November 13
6:00 - 7:30 pm

An eight-week series, covering the fundamental Yi Jin Jing exercises and the beginning of the Neigong Taijiquan form. When this series concludes, it will be followed by Taiji 2 and Taiji 3.


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World Jazz!

Final event in our encore Taiji/Music series, where we explore how taiji and meditation connect with creativity and awareness. Tim Reis and Brian Shankar Adler join Freddie Bryant for an exciting journey through many of the world's musical genres--from flamenco to blues to rock-and-roll.

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Master Koo Anniversary Video

For our 30th anniversary celebration, Barbara Bordnick, long-time Nanlaoshu practitioner and Board member, was inspired to create this loving homage to our practice.

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